Christmas is mostly about family and tradition, and while we are far removed from the tradional ways in which our friends in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate Christmas, that doesn’t mean we can join in on all the fun.

Our Christmases are hot and dry, this being the biggest difference in the way we celebrate Christmas compared to our northern friends. And although this doesn’t stop us from enjoying turkey lunches with all the trimmings and other festive cheer, it helps to have little reminders of how Christmas is celebrated up north.

That is where these beautiful SNOWFLAKE cutters come in handy. Think crunchy cookies with icing, pastries decorated with snowflake cutouts and snowflakes all over your Christmas cake. All these served on our natural FLOW tray will make your Christmas just that little bit more special.

Snowflake cutters (set of 5) R295

FLOW tray R300