If you want to impress your holiday guests then start with breakfast. Nothing beats the aroma of quality coffee that is ground on the spot, but freshly made juice is a close second as a morning refresher.

The Moulinex juice extractor in ruby red and black premium stainless steel finish offers 1000 watts of power. It makes fresh juicing a breeze, without a lot of mess.

Other nifty features? An extra wide feeder tube eliminates the need to chop fruit and vegetables into pieces initially, while a stainless steel filter avoids wastage by always extracting the maximum amount of juice. The two-litre pulp container is easy to clean, and has the capacity to hold a lot of pulp before it has to be emptied. A metallic safety lock system cuts power if the machine isn’t properly assembled. And the decider: a 1.25-litre jug has a clever foam separator, so there is no foam when your juice is poured into the glass.

R995 at Chefs Warehouse.