Produced from the almonds of the argan tree, a rare tree indigenous to the south-west of Morocco. The tree is apparently a relic from the Tertiary Age, which is over 2 million years ago. Cold-pressed argan oil is prized for it’s various nutritious and medicinal properties, and only through international marketing and sales of this oil has the endangered argan tree been saved.

But perhaps most interesting is the traditional method in Morocco for harvesting the almonds. The undigested almonds are plucked from the faeces of goats that climb the argan trees to eat them. Not your usual harvesting technique, and unlikely in use today to make this oil, but a good story nevertheless.

It adds a unique hazelnut-like taste and can be used in dressings, couscous dishes or as a dipping oil for bread. Chefs Warehouse is possibly the only place you can get your hands on this stuff in South Africa. R275 for 150ml.