This book is not your average cookbook. Yes, it’s large, holding over 500 recipes, but it has no photographs. And it isn’t written by a celebrity chef, nor is it from a well-known restaurant. Instead, it’s written by a graduate and former chef from Deep Springs College in California, probably the hardest cooking college to get into in the US. A few men, yup, men only, get accepted to work at the school each year, which is on a working cattle ranch in the Sierra Nevada. Basically, they do manual labour, farm vegetables and animals and learn everything there is to know about food, from the earth to the plate.

The book is packed – 500 recipes, remember – with great dishes. It’s not fancy stuff, hence the title, but rather soul-satisfying dishes that require fresh seasonal ingredients. Things like asparagus mushroom frittata or the fennel, blood orange, and toasted almond salad.

Come by Chefs Warehouse and have a browse… you’ll like it.