If you asked a world-class chef to design something that incorporates everything he needs in a work table, it would probably end up like this. Why? Because that’s exactly what happened here. Introducing the Chefs Warehouse Mise en Place work table, as designed by Liam Tomlin. By definition, mise en place means ‘everything in it’s right place’ and this is exactly what this work table does. Custom designed by Liam and made to spec, this all-encompassing chefs work table includes cutting boards, removable cheese boards, glass holders, a wine rack, knife holders and an extendable ‘hot pot’ stand. It also includes storage drawers and shelves for the rest of your kitchen equipment.

If you simply took one of these, stocked it and put it in your kitchen, you’d probably have the most kitted out home kitchen in your neighbourhood. The base is cast iron, the counter solid ash wood. And it’s stable, very stable. Each Mise en place work table is a one-off, so it can be designed exactly to your requirements. It can have a sink or power supply. Chefs Warehouse is busy putting one together designed for wine tasting, as well as one designed for bread and pastry making.

If you’re interested in one of these, for your home kitchen, restaurant, country house or wherever, please get in touch with us via info@chefswarehouse.co.za.