Momofuko chef and proprietor David Chang is considered by most other chefs to be one of the most talented chefs in the US. His food has a heavy Korean influence, but really has to be classified all on it’s own. Where else can you go and order a whole pork butt which comes served with a dozen oysters? There’s a great episode of chef-traveler-TV star Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show where he (happily) eats himself to near death at Momofuko with David Change – watch it here.

The good news is David Chang has now shared some of his secrets in this here book, co-written with New York Times food critic, Peter Meehan. It’s a modest-size cookbook that has some great recipes as well as tips on choosing ingredients. Just look at some of the dishes and you’ll see why people queue for hours to eat at his New York restaurants. There’s a lot of noodle dishes, but they’re all exceptional, none boring. This is the man that has taken Japan’s ramen noodle and transformed it into a high-brow culinary delight, so be prepared to cook some fun things. Stuff like pan-roasted asparagus with poached egg and miso butter or ginger scallion noodles with ginger scallion sauce and a whole lot more.

(Currently out of stock, but hoping to get more soon.)