Ever been to a great seafood restaurant (anywhere in Europe or the US) and seen a table get served the seafood platter? Usually, the waiter stacks up wide bowls filled with ice and overflowing with seafood, one on top of the other, a seafood tower that resembles some sort of Neptune wedding cake. It’s generally very impressive and makes all the other tables in the restaurant feel rather inadequate, with their ordinary plates of food. Well, Chefs Warehouse has procured the ultimate seafood stand, from Paderno. Made in shiny stainless steel, with built in tripod and a base platter, you can now impress guests with your own seafood tower at home. Price at Chefs Warehouse: R1650.

And to compliment this stand, why not get the ultimate shellfish set from Laguiole. This Jean Dubost Fruits de Mer set, which includes claw crusher, lobster pics and an oyster knife, is available for R650. Just the thing you’ll need for a cracking seafood feast this Christmas. Well, that and a few bottles of bubbly, of course.