Sous vide is a cooking method aimed to preserve the natural integrity of ingredients by heating them at low temperatures for a sustained period. Foods can be cooked for long periods, over 24-hours sometimes, at specific temperatures. Food is vacuum-packed and placed in water baths to ensure when cooked it keeps its original appearance, doesn’t lose fat or juices and retains texture better than any other method. Embraced by the world’s top chefs at restaurants like El Bulli, The Fat Duck and The French Laundry, sous vide is quite a science, the machine used keeping an exact temperature to ensure perfect doneness.

Thomas Keller of The French Laundry and Per Se restaurants has produced a book that thoroughly explores the science of sous vide cooking. Aimed unmistakably at professional chefs, the book talks in detail about the benefits of sous vide, the controlled environment it creates and what this allows a chef to achieve. Adventurous home chefs might also find an entirely new chapter in food through the book, should they choose to purchase it and a sous vide machine.

Chefs Warehouse has also recently taken stock of the Grant sous vide range, the very same water baths and stirred heaters (pictured above) used in several of those restaurant kitchens mentioned above. Should you be a professional chef or adventurous home cook and wish to find out more about sous vide or these superb professional kitchen items, please do contact us.