Greg and Lucy Malouf have traveled extensively in the Middle East from their home in Melbourne, Australia, and their two books, both part cookbook, part travelogue, are all the inspiration you’ll need to get excited about the cuisine from this region. In Turquoise, the Malouf’s take us through Turkey, capturing the defining flavours and dishes from their journey. From traditional favourites to some new creations, the superb recipes are combined with beautiful photographs – a trademark in both books.

In Saha, the Malouf’s take us through Syria and Lebanon, where they visit butchers, bakers, dairies and other artisans making delicious treats. Aside from great recipes there’s also some history on this colourful region. And more gorgeous photographs, of course. If you’re a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine or simply want to get some new inspiration, you’d struggle to find two better books to open your sense to the smells, spices and delicacies cooking Turkish, Lebanese and Syrian cuisine offers.

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