In the next few weeks, we have some fun and exciting guest chefs cooking at Chefs Warehouse.

The cover of Sonia Cabano’s book “Relish”

On 19th July, Sonia Cabano will be making dishes from her book Relish. The book includes 100’s of recipes on flavoured salts, sugars and rubs, spice blends and pastes, marinades, dips, stocks, sauces, dressings, pestos, vinegars, oils, pickles, preserves, condiments and relishes. Sonia will show some of these, and make dishes using them. Always fun, come join Sonia from 6 – 9pm, R400pp.

Beluga Molecular Gastronomy Kit

The Caviar Groups Test Kitchen began experimenting with Molecular Gastronomy about a year ago, and after much testing and research, developed the Beluga Creations Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit. The kit has all the ingredients and tools needed to get started in this exciting way of cooking. On Monday 30th July, Chefs Warehouse will play host , when they show guests how to get started using the kit. Join us from 6 – 9pm, R500pp. The kit will be available at a reduced price on the evening.

Oep Ve Koep in Paternoster

A bit of the West Coast will be here, when Kobus van der Merwe from Oep Ve Koep in Paternoster will be cooking some of his speciality dishes. Foraging has become a buzzword in foodie circles lately, and Kobus’s take on the matter is one of practicality:  “You need to be a bit more conscious than that,” he says. “You either grow your own, or find what you need in other people’s gardens or empty plots.” Come find out what Kobus will be cooking up: Wednesday, 1st August, 6 – 9pm, R400pp