We are back full swing with classes and dinners. Below is our latest list of classes, including some guest chef dates. We are excited to host Andy Fenner from Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants, and once again, Bertus Basson will cook something amazing for us.

We have a few more exciting names up our sleeve, so keep posted.

21st February Tapas 6pm – 9.30pm R450

23rd February Basic Techniques, Stocks 9.30am – 1pm R6500/R450

2nd March Easter Lunch 10am – 1.30pm R450

4th March Cooking For Friends Class One   6pm – 9.30pm R450

9th March Basic Techniques Soups & Consommes 9.30am – 1pm R6500/R450

13th March Cheese 6pm – 9.30pm R450

14th March Andy Fenner Nose To Tail 6pm – 9.00pm R500

16th March Around The World:  Scandinavia   10am – 1.30pm R450

18th March Cooking For Friends Class Two 6pm – 9.30pm R450

23rd March Basic Techniques Sauces & Butters 9.30am – 1pm R6500/R450

3rd April Bertus Basson Overture Restaurant 6pm – 9pm R575

Our Basic Techniques course is starting this coming Saturday, places are still available. You can book to do the whole course or any individual class that may be of interest. The full course is R6500 or R450 per class per person.

CLASS 1 Stocks 23th February 2013
CLASS 2 Soups & Consommés 9th March 2013
CLASS 3 Savoury Sauces & Compound Butters 23rd March 2013
CLASS 4 Salads 6th April 2013
CLASS 5 Fish 20th April 2013
CLASS 6 Shellfish 4th May 2013
CLASS 7 Meat 18th May 2013
CLASS 8 Game & Poultry 1st June 2013
CLASS 9 Offal & Charcuterie 29th June 2013
CLASS 10 Eggs 13th July 2013
CLASS 11 Vegetables & Vegetarian 27th July 2013
CLASS 12 Pasta, Grains Rice & Potatoes 17th August 2013
CLASS 13 Pastry, Batter & Baking 31st August 2013
CLASS 14 Ice Cream, Sorbet, Coulis & Chocolate 14th September  2013
CLASS 15 Cheese 28th September 2013