What relief that Cape Town has finally warmed up and hopefully we can say goodbye to October’s irregular weather. If you live in the City Bowl and haven’t made plans to head up the mountain after work this week, or plotted the best beach or sea view to admire over a glass of Sauvignon, you’d be in the minority. Fortunately we have delicious cookbooks at Chefs Warehouse to help you concoct culinary partners for crisp white summer wine.

Kansha by Elizabeth Andoh celebrates Japan’s vegan and vegetarian traditions with an inspiring collection of recipes and an unusual, captivating photographic style. Chapters lyrically cover rice, noodles, stocks and soups, before moving into the market and pantry. Don’t miss her fascinating introduction to Japanese vegetarian cooking and Japanese culinary traditions. We love how exotic ingredients are so respectfully presented – the pom-pom sushi image is a study in beauty and simplicity. R335

In contrast, My Vegetarian Kitchen by Nicola Graimes shouts for attention with its bright, lime-green cover, modern recipes and images in graphic colour. Find recipes here for everyday or smarter situations, in chapters titled raw, grill, fry, steam, simmer and bake. R265

For those who appreciate an encyclopedic approach to a culinary theme, Rose Elliot’s New Complete Vegetarian is ‘the ultimate collection and the only vegetarian cookbook you’ll ever need’ according to the back cover. Britain’s bestselling vegetarian cookbook has been revised and updated to offer chapters grouped around pasta and grain dishes, healthy soups, salads and sides. It dips into warming curries and pies, plus delicious desserts. This is a practical vegetarian guide rather than a splash-out indulgence. R350