Adam Mason, the charming winemaker at Klein Constantia, together with Lowell Jooste, proprietor of this historic estate and responsible for its return to greatness, present a vertical tasting of their flagship Vin de Constance wines as part of the upcoming Spring It On Constantia festival. The pair will uncork several vintages from the 80’s, 90’s and the 00’s, making this a rare chance to taste firsthand how this wine changes over time. In Adam’s words, “Sadly we won’t be able to open bottles going back as far as Napoleon’s favourite year though.” Yes, for those of you who are unaware, the sweet wine of Constantia was the famous French Emperor’s favoured tipple.

When you are the military and political leader of France, or any other country, chances are you can afford to drink vintage Vin de Constance as often as you like, but for most of us, this is an indulgent luxury. This tasting not only provides this great opportunity, but also adds in a light meal, cooked up by one of Peter Tempelhoff’s chefs from The Greenhouse restaurant. All this, for R150.

Right now you should be thinking that is a typo, but it isn’t. It’s R150 per person to partake in this tasting. To put the value of this event into perspective, Vin de Constance sells for about R80 a single glass at most restaurants. It’s way more than a good deal, it’s a ridiculous deal! We’re going, and if you can manage the times or to book a spot (only 10 persons per tasting), you should too.

The tasting is on this Friday 15th October and again next Wednesday 20th October, and runs from 11am for about 3 hours each. Klein Constantia is also offering a guided vineyard tour with viticulturist, Stiaan Cloete, which includes tasting of various wines in situ, literally from vine to glass. The tour will cover the farms viticultural techniques and vineyard philosophy, and promises to be more than informative. These are offered on either the 18th or 21st October, also at 11am and lasting about 2-3 hours.

Click here to read up more on each of these offerings, or visit the homepage for the Spring It On Constantia festival to learn about the other events.