What is the Chefs Warehouse about? Every major city has a Chefs Warehouse. Liam and the other top chefs in Sydney used to meet there. There’s one in New York. One in London. Toronto. Tokyo. And so on. What’s it about? The concept is simple: bring all the best chefs (local and international) to host cooking classes and showcase the best and latest cooking products and accessories in a quality retail environment. Create a place where local chefs come and browse new products for their restaurant kitchens and serious foodies learn new techniques for their home kitchens. Then bring on experts in wine to offer unique and interesting wine courses. Provide the largest cookbook selection available in the country. Host intimate private dinners, book launches and corporate food events. Become the centre for all things professional chefs, amateur cooks, foodies and wine enthusiasts love. This is the Chefs Warehouse & Cookery School.