Pork & Sons (R395) is the latest book to grace our bookshelves at Chefs Warehouse and it’s from a cook happily obsessed with pigs. Author Stéphane Reynaud is a man who describes himself as the third generation of a family of pork devotees. His pork credentials include being the grandson of a village butcher on the Ardèche plateau in France “where they take their pork very seriously”. Reynaud is also owner of Villa 9 trois restaurant in Montreuil. Naturally this highly regarded restaurant specializes in pork. What else?

We also have copies for sale of two of Stéphane’s other impressively packaged books, Terrine (R300), and Rôtis (R330).

As the name suggests, Terrine covers this classic layered dish in every imaginable form. His mouthwatering photographs and creative recipe suggestions extend to terrines made from vegetables, fish, meat and cheese – even sweet terrines served as dessert. Some intriguing ones include a snail and lentil terrine, and an oxtail and red wine version.

Rôtis, on the other hand, is about easy-to-follow recipes for roasts eaten on every day of the week. Stéphane’s uncomplicated recipes start with the likes of rolled veal breast and extend to traditional potato gratin Dauphinois. Find solid French classics here.